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In this section we present the group's Multimedia-EHU Podcasting(stay at PodOmatic) and a sample repository of audio files in wav and mp3 format for classes, recordings, podcasting, etc.. They are available for download or simply reproduced online.
  • PODCASTING Multimedia-EHU: (enlace)

Title Course Language mp3 wav  Audio
Aspectos Tecnológicos de Streaming  Taller Videoaktiv Cast. audio audio
Sistemas de eventos discretosMSII Cast. audio   
Modelo M/M/1MSSC Cast. audio   
Engineering Problem SolvingECE 112 English audio   
Computer NetworksMEM 636 English audio  
Presentación Web-Inicio (sintetizador)demo Cast. audio  
Home-Web Presentation (synthesizer)demo English audio  

Example: Workshop Presentation (English translation, mp3, 50'') 

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